Western Style Drawer Pulls


western-style-drawer-pulls Western Style Drawer Pulls

Western Style Drawer Pulls – There are so many diverse varieties and manners of drawer hardware which the choice can seem like a large one. You have to think about the design your cabinets have and the way they fit in with the appliances or other fixtures in the room. Then durability and quality are also important problems, as are colour and material of the drawer hardware. Also the size of the drawers is very important because even very good quality hardware can be damaged by drawers which are too large for it. Here are a few suggestions to aid you in your hunt for new drawer components.

Of course people do have different sizes of drawers in their kitchens and baths, and it’s important to take the size of the drawer into consideration when selecting drawer hardware. Just take the opportunity to measure the drawers before you go shopping for hardware. Also feel how heavy the drawer is and just how easy or hard it’s to pull out. All of these will need to be taken into consideration when selecting drawer hardware. Each piece of hardware is made to pull a fixed quantity of weight frequently, but using drawers which are thicker than the appropriate weight for the pull will cause the screws to strip and the knobs or manages to drop right off. Also purchasing the best screws for the job is essential for the same reason. Heavy duty screws are needed for drawers which are very heavy or hard to pull out.

Kinds of Drawer Hardware

It’s also important to understand the kinds of drawer hardware. There are two basic sorts of hardware for drawers. Handles and knobs both provide different looks and different ways of opening the drawer. Try a few different knobs and handles to determine which kind fits in your hand better. Also remember that sometimes certain knobs or handles will not work as well as other knobs or handles. It all depends on the size of the hand, your hitting skills, and whether or not you have arthritis or other hand issues.


Drawer hardware is available in several different sorts of substances. Presently metal has become the most common material, also there are lots of different sorts of metal accessible. Some common options include nickel, bronze, brass, and pewter, although there are certainly more options than just those few types. Normally the type of metal you select depends entirely on the colour you desire. Consider how each colour will look against the colour of the cabinets when making a decision.

Along with metal, in addition, there are a couple different options in regards to materials. Glass drawer pulls are certainly making a comeback, likely due to the wide variety of options in colors and styles. Hardware manufacturers can make many different variants with glass instead of metal as they have a lot wider palate of colour to use. While metal hardware may be very ornate, it generally will not be very colorful.


Style is also very important when picking new hardware for your drawers. Style is often as simple as how the hardware looks on the drawer or as complicated as how it feels in your hand. It’s a really good idea to choose samples of many pieces of hardware house so that you can place them up against the drawers and find out how they look.

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