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ikea-corner-dresser Ikea Corner Dresser

Ikea Corner Dresser – When you put in your bedroom, what is that important article of furniture near your bed? Yes, you’re right – it is your dresser. A dresser might not be the focal point of your bedroom but it’s nevertheless a vital bedroom element that adds to the attractiveness of the bedroom while serving the important aim of storage.

Dressers give a exceptional touch to the bedroom d├ęcor. They just allow you to perform more on your personal space. Isn’t it pretty calming to have a silent moment with yourself around the dresser before going to bed?

Dressers have that quality to store things as well as match bedrooms and creating the bedroom an easy to be in space. If you’re planning on using a dresser for your bedroom, then here are a few things that you can consider prior to purchasing the perfect one for your bedroom.

Size Things

Before purchasing a dresser, ensure that you have the dimensions of the region you want to place the dresser in. Take note of this height, width and depth. Also, if you would like to maintain the dresser at the corner of a wall, then make sure that there is sufficient space for the doors to open. Examine the product descriptions closely and assess if the dresser can match in the specified size range.

You have to consider how you’re likely to use the dresser daily. Consider the smaller details regarding how you would keep your clothing, accessories, shoes and other things that you would prefer storing on your dresser. If you’re short of hanging space, then you can keep your folded clothing in the heavy dresser. Some might prefer dressers with little drawers where they would help store lingerie, hosiery, make-up and other bathroom essentials.

Designs to Think

What kind of look would you like to make while decorating your bedroom? Might it be traditional, contemporary or on modern? Based your taste, you need to select the kind of your dresser accordingly.

  • Conventional dressers – These give a traditional look to your bedroom. They give an elegant appearance to the bedroom. Even classic dressers fall into this class.
  • Contemporary dressers – All these are plain and simple, free from all that ornamentations. Made of light wood, they’ve knobs and squares made of metal, ceramics and stones. Because of their simplistic layout, they give a clean, minimal look. Owing to its uncluttered look, they give a stylish touch to the bedroom.

Quality Topics

If you’re searching for a dresser, quality must top your listing. For a high durability, solid wood is always the best alternative; even at the backings and drawers. If leg and foot are made of wood, each foot of this dresser ought to be carved as a single unit.

Staples, glues and nails that are used as dressers joinery are indications of a feeble make and bring down the quality. Examine the sturdiness, by checking out the drawers, door knobs and inner fittings. Start looking for any creaking sounds or when the drawers are getting stuck and the doors close to some good match. Also assess whether the wood is kiln dried, to prevent it from peeling and splitting.

Rather than purchasing each item separately, purchasing dresser sets are more affordable. Multi-unit dresser set also provides more storage choices.


Mirrors lend an extra allure to the dresser. It also makes the room seem brighter and larger. But it is that the form of this mirror is in proportion to the magnitude of this dresser. The mirror ought to be centered above the dresser, in such a manner that it does not occupy too much or too little space on either side.

Purchasing within your Budget

Dressers can be bought inside your budget. If you’re buying a dresser made from expensive wood like walnut, assess whether it has been treated to avoid rot and damage. When moving through internet biddings, pay careful attention to product descriptions, photos with clear details, dispatch terms and shipping charges. Additionally, reading product reviews prior to purchasing a dresser will be able to help you figure out whether the item is real and when a particular vendor is reliable.

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